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Sunday 09, 2021 By Coxall

Best online stores to purchase packaging material for your home move

Looking for boxes for your home move, here are the best online packaging material stores.

If you haven’t collected enough boxes before your house move, you may be panicking a bit as the moving date grows nearer but do not fear. We know the best online stores to purchase packaging materials for your home move. When moving home you are going to need the following items for packaging:

Newspaper/scrap paper Bubble Wrap Boxes (in a variety of sizes) Parcel tape Stretch Wrap A marker pen or labels If you are short of any of these, go and buy them now. Here are the best online stores to find your must have packaging materials for your home move:

Big Yellow Storage Small Box: £2.75 Large Box: £4.04 Starter pack: £35.00 Big Yellow Storage have every box size you can imaginably need. From standard boxes ranging from small (£2.75) to extra-large (£4.68), and their more specialised boxes including TV boxes, Wine packs, Wardrobe boxes, you can’t go wrong. They also offer bundles of boxes in the form of multi packs in sizes; starter (£35.00), Small (£46.75), Medium (£59.50), and Large (£72.25). This means that you can get a variety of sizes for a better value for money if you are in need of more than a couple of boxes. The multi packs are also a great option as they come with; tape, a tape gun, bubble wrap and a marker pen. Big Yellow storage also make their boxes out of recycled carboard: “they’re made with either 70%, 85% or 100% recycled card and are manufactured in the UK to keep their footprint down.” In the aim of making the boxes even more environmentally friendly they are looking into removing some ink from the printing on the box in order to make them simpler to recycle.

If you aren’t looking for carboard boxes, Big Yellow Storage also sell; protective covers and dust sheets, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, tape and pens, plastic storage boxes, and vacuum storage bags. Currently they also have an online 15% discount sale on, so now’s a good time to snap up some boxes and a reduced cost.

UK Packaging

Small Box: £6.98 Large Box: £11.92 Starter pack: £82.44

UK packaging have more options on sizes of boxes so if you have something more specific to box up, they might be the way forward for you. They also give you the option of single, or double walled boxes for more protection, and their boxes come in multi packs. If you are just looking for a variety of boxes for moving the removal box kits are a handy purchase. There is a mini saver pack (£44.94), a starter pack (£82.44), a medium mover pack (£118.45), and an ultimate value pack (£149.96) which contains 52 boxes. Each of the packs contain; bubble wrap, box sealing tape. The larger packs also have a tape gun, fragile tape, tissue paper and extra bubble wrap.

If you’re after alternative methods of packaging, you can also purchase; polythene packaging, strapping, bubble wrap, foam rolls, void fills, tape, silica gels, and furniture covers.

For an added bonus, you can get 10% off your first order online.

Kite packaging

Small Box: £1.16 Large Box: £2.88 Starter pack: N/A

Kite packaging has a complete range of boxes, there are 50 differing box sizes for you to choose from. All boxes come in multi packs but you can select how many you want including a 10+ pack or pallets. For each individual box it works out much cheaper than other stores but you do have to buy multiple at once rather than one on its own. You can select single walled boxes, double walled boxes, and environmentally friendly boxes. The ‘enviro-box’, due to their manufacturing methods produces 30% less CO2 than their other boxes making it a more sustainable option. Kite packaging also meets other packaging needs such as; boxes for bottles, pallets, wrap, tape, bubble wrap, void fill, polyethene bags, tubing, paper sheets and rolls, foam protection, strapping, silica gels, staples, shrink and vacuum wrap, chilled packaging, dividers, postal boxes, handle with care boxes, and extra heavy-duty boxes.