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Friday 20, 2020 By Ryan

How to play the piano

Learn how to play the piano; which method is best for you?

Fancy a new musical hobby, try picking up the piano (not literally)

As lockdown strikes again, it’s the perfect time to pick up a new indoor hobby. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to play piano to sooth your desire for music; or it’s a sudden musical inclination you’ve had overnight from watching a musician on YouTube.

We’ve all been there… But whichever way the idea has come about, we agree with you that now is a great time to get stuck in and start learning how to play the piano.

Especially when Music Times says; “there are many ways that learning to play the piano can have a positive impact on our [mental and physical] health”

Even during lockdown there are still a large variety of ways you can learn how to play, even from a beginner level.

You’ll have the choice of these three methods:

Online private lessons The power of zoom has been undeniable during the first lockdown, we are sure it will be again during this second one. From teaching the nation’s children maths, or providing us with a way of having late night drinks and quizzes with our pals, zoom is an adaptable platform that is being used for online private piano lessons too. You can have virtual face to face conversations and demonstrations from an independent instructor to give you real time guidance on your piano playing journey. You can find an excellent tutor on the following websites; Music Tutors, Tutorful, Piano teachers connect, and Super Prof.

Online courses and videos The internet is full of useful resources. There are documents and articles on theory, and step by step guides on how to play each chord as well as recorded tutorials that you can follow along with. You can find courses such as Yousican, or you can simply find a assortment of lessons recorded and uploaded onto YouTube. Or maybe an app such as Simply Piano would be better for you? You can play along as press the lit up keys on your screen wherever you are.

Teach yourself from the books Alfred methods, Bastien basics, Faber and Faber piano adventures, and Suzki core materials are some of the piano teachers best recommended books. These books withhold all the information you need to understand and learn about how to play the piano, and do it well. This comprehensive approach follows the curriculum which is ideal for when you are practicing to pass and excel through your assessment grades. There are thorough explanations, illustrations, and step by step guides to direct you through your self-taught lessons.

If you are ready to get started, then all you need now is the piano or keyboard you want to get your hands on. If you’re not sure how to transport it to your door, we can help! Here at Moovstuff we can, with ease, deliver anything (including a Grand Piano—or perhaps something smaller if you prefer) to you, whilst saving you both time and money. Simply tell us what, when, and where and we can sort it for you!