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Sunday 09, 2021 By Coxall

The best step by step process to move your fridge freezer

How to clear out, defrost, package, move, transport, and settle your fridge freezer.

The fridge freezer is undoubtedly one of the most complicated appliances to move. But our team at Moovstuff has worked out the best step by step process to make it almost as easy as moving your kettle, so you can either do it by yourself, with a friend, or let us do it for you.

So, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead, you can follow our step-by-step guide on how to move a fridge freezer and be onto a winner:

Step one: Clear out

Eat or dispose of any remaining food and get your fridge freezer empty. Don’t leave anything behind because after step two it’ll become very squishy (and not in a good way). We recommend giving it a quick wipe at this stage too.

Step two: Defrost

The best way is to defrost is to simply open the doors and turn the fridge freezer off. Slowly, the fridge freezer will warm up and it will defrost. Make sure you put a towel beneath it to stop the water waterfalling all over your kitchen. If you are in a rush, you can speed up this process by setting a fan nearby or by putting a warm bowl of water on the bottom shelf or getting creative with a hairdryer. Once your fridge freezer has fully defrosted, give it a proper wipe down and clean with a sponge and let it dry.

Step three: Packaging When moving, especially if your fridge freezer has got a long journey to embark on, it’s well worth these extra preventative steps to keep your fridge freezer protected during transit. Use tape to keep the doors closed, or rope if you prefer. Then wrap the appliance in any packaging material you have handy to absorb any shock when moving; like bubble wrap, or even some blankets.

Step Four: Moving

The best way to get a fridge freezer out of the house and on onto the moving van is with a dolly. This way you can keep it upright and the wheels take the weight and make it easier to manoeuvre through your house. Don’t forget to stap the fridge freezer onto the dolly with ropes, just in case you come across any bumps or sharp corners. If you don’t have a dolly, you could use furniture sliders. If you’ve not heard of a furniture slider, they are essentially smooth plastic that you put underneath the corners of the appliance that enables you to smoothly slide it about.

Or you can try furniture rollers. These are metal frames with wheels. You can simply tilt the fridge freezer back to slot these underneath and then you can just roll it out to your removal van.

Step Five: Transportation During transit it is best to keep the fridge freezer standing up. We recommend using ropes and bungee cords to fasten your fridge freezer in so that it will remain upright and secure throughout the journey.

Step Six: Arrival

Repeat the moving methods from step four to get the fridge freezer into your new home. Before you plug your fridge freezer in and turn it on, you must let your fridge freezer settle. This is to ensure the oil returns to the compressor in your fridge freezer. During transit, the oil may have unsettled and so if you didn’t let it settle the fridge compressor might attempt to function without enough oil which could break your fridge freezer – surely you don’t want this to happen after all the effort of getting it this far? Most fridge freezer manuals recommend leaving it to settle at least 4 hours before plugging it in. This gives the oil sufficient time to settle back to the compressor so your fridge freezer will be working as normal. Once four hours have passed, you’re good to switch it on. Then let it arrive back to normal fridge freezer temperatures (which normally takes 2 hours) before filling it your food shopping.

And voila, that’s how to move your fridge freezer by yourself. If you can move it with someone, it will make the process much easier, BUT still make sure you use some form of moving method in step four to save your back from the heavy and awkward lifting. If you don’t have the sliders, rollers, or a dolly, or a friend with one, and you don’t want to buy any, you can always ask us for help. Here at Moovstuff we make moving simple. We will do the lifting, moving, and transportation for you, so you don’t have to calculate how you are going to safely and efficiently move bulky and difficult appliances like the fridge freezer. We are already in your area and ready to help. Just book a time at and we’ll be there.