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Wednesday 15, 2021 By Coxall

Top tips when moving with your pets

Our furry friends are man best companions so it’s important to make sure that they are looked out for and considered during your moving process.

No one wants their best friend unhappy but it’s common for pets to get anxious when their home is disrupted by changes during the moving process.

Change happens a lot throughout the moving process, for example; when you’re boxing things up and consequently changing the environment that they live in, so it’s crucial that you still try and make it feel like home to them.

There are a few ways in which you can make your pets feel at home and this is somewhat dependent on which part of the moving process you are in, so the team at Moovstuff have broken this down for you so we can help keep your furry companions happy and content.

Whilst packing up your home:

⦁ Keep their bed in the same spot – this is their safe space, try not to tamper with it especially when their environment is changing ⦁ Leave their favourite toy out – toys can offer a lot of comfort to a pet ⦁ Pack up your pet's stuff last --This makes their personal transition period shorter and consequently less stressful ⦁ Try to keep to their usual routine -- Admittedly this is hard when you are busy packing boxes and sorting out paperwork but by feeding and walking them at their usual times they are less likely to feel disrupted.

On Moving Day:

⦁ Ask a friend to pet sit – whilst you are loading boxes and moving them around your pet might get a bit agitated so if they have a day with a person they know well there won’t be too much out of the ordinary for them ⦁ Have a prepared essential pet kit that you will be able to access at all times – this can include bowls, bed, toys, treats. All the things that will keep your pet happy and help them settle. ⦁ If you do have your pet with you on moving day, take them in your car that is familiar to them already.

Settling into their new home:

⦁ Don’t wash or replace their bed, it will smell like your old home and will help them relax and settle down ⦁ Limit their surroundings – if you keep them in one room the overall change will be less overwhelming, then you can gradually introduce them to the other areas of your home. ⦁ Give them lots of attention and praise – unpacking might seem like your key priority but your pet is probably feeling anxious in its new surroundings, take the time to reward them and include them.

We hope your furry friends enjoy their new home. They might not even get anxious but it's best to prepare for the fact that they might so that you can make them comfortable. If you can’t find someone to pet sit, we’d love to meet your companions on moving day. We always love to feed them treats and give them a tummy rub if they want to be involved. If you are looking for a pet loving and friendly removal team (who are also professionals at moving your belongings), you can get a free instant quote at today!