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Moovstuff connects buyers and sellers with specialist firms who transport your motorbike from A to B. Moovstuff saves you time by instantly calculating the price to transport your motorbike, there’s no waiting around to receive quotes. Whether you are a business looking to transport a motorbike between garages, or a second hand buyer seeking long distance transportation, Moovstuff has a solution for you. Our network of specialist partners have transported thousands of motorbikes.

There are two main types of motorbike transport:

Open and closed trailers Both are safe methods of transport, an open trailer is the most popular as it's often cheaper, however you are exposed to the elements. A closed trailer is less common but slightly more protected.

Trade plate driver A trade plate is a set of registration plates which notify road users that your car is being transported by a professional driver (this is often the cheapest and easiest way to transport your motorbike) A few questions to ask yourself if you go down this route is has your motorbike recently passed an MOT? Is the motorbike functional and safe?.

How Moovstuff works

Get an instant quote Now you’ve decided you need a MOOVER, it’s time to get a quote! Just tell us everything about your items, enter pick-up and drop-off locations and a preferred date and time.

Prepare your Motorbike Make the transport company aware of any motorbike faults or damages prior to your delivery taking place. You can help by:

  • Prepare any documentation.
  • Clear out all belongings.
  • Check fluid levels.
  • Take photos of your motorbike.
  • Check tyres.

Secure payment & stay in touch If the quote is right for you, you can secure the booking using credit or debit card. You will then receive a call from your driver. You can tell the driver specific information about parking, or ask them any questions about your job.

MOOV & review On the day of your moov, make sure you’re ready at the time you selected. Once the job is complete, you will be sent a link to review your service via SMS and email. It is important that you rate your driver, so that they continue being selected for future work.

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